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Trouble with rodents in or around your home?  Contact us to have a Pestguard representative evaluate the rodent situation around your home and work with you to develop the appropriate rodent control solutions.  These may include a combination of exclusion of entry points, trapping, and tamper resistant bait stations installed around the perimeter of the structure.

There are 2 main types of rats in Florida, the roof rat and the Norway rat.   Proper identification of the type of rat causing the issue is the key to a successful rodent control program.

The Florida Roof Rat (Rattus rattus) are naturally good climbers. They normally nest and feed in trees. Their diet primarily consists of the fruit that grows in the citrus trees. The rats will climb these trees, and use them to access the roof. It is important to note that we  cannot guarantee control of the rodents if the trees are not cut back at least two feet away from the building. 

Norway rats live around residences, in cellars, warehouses, stores, slaughterhouses, docks, and in sewers. They may burrow to make nests under buildings and other structures, beneath concrete slabs, along stream banks, around ponds, in garbage dumps, and at other locations where suitable food, water, and shelter are present. Although they can climb, Norway rats tend to inhabit the lower floors of multistory buildings.    Norway rats will eat nearly any type of food.
Rats present a significant health risk. They can carry at least ten different kinds of diseases, including bubonic plagues, murine typhus, spirochetal jaundice, Leptospirosis, rabies, rat bite fever, and bacterial food poisoning. They typically contaminate up to ten times more food than they actually eat. 
In addition to the health risk, they also present a significant structural hazard to whatever building they get into. Rats need to constantly gnaw on something to file down their teeth. Inside an attic they will gnaw on rafters, A/C conduits, metal pipes and electrical wires. In some cases, rats chewing on electrical wires have been the suspected cause of inexplicable fires starting in the attic. 

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