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Residential Pest Protection
Pestguard’s offers interior and exterior pest control and prevention packages for our residential customers.  Whether you are looking for inside treatments or just on the outside, a package can be tailored to your specific needs or budget.  Our experienced staff with their friendly demeanors and knowledgeable approach to all aspects of pest control contribute to long-standing relationships with our clients.
Exterior Protection
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The first line of defense in Pestguard's exterior pest control is Termidor applied around all entrance points to the structure such as windows, doors, pipe entry points, eves, cracks and utility lines. Around the base of the structure is also treated.

Termidor offers the most effective, low-dose control of outdoor pests available, with proven control of a number of nuisance ant species; even with outdoor perimeter applications at the low rate of 0.06% active ingredient. Ants foraging on Termidor-treated surfaces, ingesting Termidor through normal feeding activity, or that are sprayed directly with the product will die, but not before spreading Termidor through contact throughout the ant population via the product’s unique “Transfer Effect”.

Termidor is easily picked up by ants, and has a quick speed of kill – 1 to 3 days – but is slow acting enough to ensure transfer throughout the population. Best of all, Termidor will reduce the need for nuisance ant service calls.

Exteror treatments are performed every three months.
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Interior Protection
Inside the structure, Pestguard will use a product called Phantom. Phantom has proven to be one of the most effective indoor ant and cockroach control products available.  The material meets the stringent standards of the Food Quality Protection Act and is odorless, environmentally and pet friendly.

Labeled for spot or crack and crevice spray, Phantom is non-repellent, so ants and cockroaches do not detect the product as they repeatedly cross through the treated zone (an effective solution to the aversion commonly experienced with repellent products). Unlike repellents, Phantom prevents ants from being trapped within structures – a common occurrence with repellent pyrethroids. Moreover, unlike repellent pyrethroids, Phantom is not subject to metabolic resistance mechanisms commonly found in German cockroaches.

Phantom is applied annually for interior pest control.
As with all our services, a simple phone call at any time will have a technician scheduled for follow up service if you have any problems between services.