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Cockroaches - Nobody likes them.  Whether they are big enough to throw a saddle on, or small enough to hide in any crack and crevice, they are most unwelcome in our homes.
Did you know....?
...There are actually 4,500 species of cockroaches in the world.  Thankfully not all of those 4,500 species are here in Florida, but there are enough different species here to matter.  

Proper idenification of the cockroach species is the key to effective elimination.  Finding an occassional Asian cockroach inside would require treatments on the exterior of the home rather than a full crack and crevice treatment of a kitchen that would be required for German Cockroaches.    Even though they look alike, their habitats are vastly different so your pest professional must be trained to identify the different species in order to serve your needs correctly.
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Left - German Cockroach
Right - Asian Cockroach

Photo - University of Florida
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Integrated pest management is vital to the control of cockroaches.  Your Pest professional can apply all the pesticides in his/her arsenal, but if the basic needs for the cockroaches remain in the living space of the house, it will be an ongoing battle.

As with most all living things,  cockroaches require food, water and safe harborage to survive.  Eliminating food and water sources for the cockroaches will aid in the control process.  Keeping kitchens and bathrooms clean and fixing any water leaks or drips will help reduce the chances of cockroach infestations. 

For those part time Florida residents, leaving drains and over flow pipes open when you head back up north will allow easier access for cockroaches to enter during the summer.  Please keep this in mind when you are closing up at the end of the season.